Bovids I Kudus buffaloes and bison


Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Suborder Ruminantia Family Bovidae Subamily Bovinae

Thumbnail description

Small to very large herbivores; males and often females bear unbranched horns on the head; limb structure is typical of the Artiodactyla, with two main toes terminating in hooves; all have a ruminant digestive system


Length 30-170 in (80-435 cm); shoulder height 24-85 in (60-220 cm); weight 36-2,600 lb (17-1,200 kg)

Number of genera, species

9 genera; 24 species


Forest, woodland, savanna, scrub, grassland, alpine meadows, prairie, and steppe

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 2 species; Endangered: 7 species; Vulnerable: 4 species; Lower Risk/Conservation Dependent: 7 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 3 species


Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America


Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America

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