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Class Mammalia Order Rodentia Suborder Sciurognathi Family Muridae

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The 13 remaining subfamilies of Muridae are incredibly diverse ecologically, behaviorally, and morphologically


The more than 213 species in the 13 remaining subfamilies of Muridae vary in size from small, mouse-sized animals to bamboo rats (Rhizomyinae), which can reach 8.8 lb (4 kg) in weight

Number of genera, species

47 genera; approximately 213 species


Habitats range from deserts to dense, tropical forests; there are animals that specialize for burrowing underground, hopping across loose soils, and climbing in trees

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 18 species; Endangered: 12 species; Vulnerable: 18 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 27 species; Data Deficient: 1 species


Found throughout Africa, Madagascar, and Asia, including Europe

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