African molerats

Class Mammalia Order Rodentia Suborder Hystricognathi Family Bathyergidae

Thumbnail description

Small- to medium-sized rodents that show anatomical adaptations to living underground; bodies are cylindrical in shape and sturdy, limbs and tails (except for naked mole-rats) are short; eyes and external ears are very small, and noses flattened; prominent white incisors lie outside the lips and are used in digging


Head and body length: 1.2-31 oz (34-896 g); mean mass: 3.2-11 in (83-281 mm)

Number of genera, species

5 genera; at least 14 species


Arid regions, savanna, grasslands, and open woodlands

Conservation status

Vulnerable: 1 species; Data Deficient: 6 species



Sub-Saharan Africa


Sub-Saharan Africa

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