Physical characteristics

All Cebinae are characterized by round heads with large forward facing eyes and relatively rounded muzzles that do proportions differentiate the sexes. Capuchin bodies are fully furred, with short fur around their faces, and short to longer dense fur on the rest of their bodies. Fur coloration varies from black to brown to buff, with patches of white on chests and shoulders. Undersides are generally lighter from yellow to brown, and the crown of the head is usually darker, with some species having delineated black caps. Capuchins all have opposable thumbs and opposable big toes. Tails are fully furred and prehensile. Head and body length is 12.6-22 in (32-56 cm); tail length is 15-22 in (38-56 cm). Body mass is 2.4-7.3 lb (1.1-3.3 kg).

Capuchins have been grouped according to the presence (Cebus apella and Cebus xanthosternos) or absence of tufts (Cebus albifrons, Cebus capucinus, and Cebus olivaceus) on their heads.

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