New World monkeys II Marmosets tamarins and Goeldis monkeys


Class Mammalia Order Primates Family Callitrichidae

Thumbnail description

Small-sized monkeys with claws on all digits except large toe; long non-prehensile tails; several species with elongated hairs on crown, ears, or face


Head and body length: 5.5-11.4 in (14-29 cm), tail length: 7.9-15.8 in (20-40 cm); weight: 3.9-21.9 oz (110-620 g)

Number of genera, species

6 genera; 41 species


Tropical and subtropical forests Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 3 species; Endangered: 5 species; Vulnerable: 6 species; Data Deficient: 2 species


South and Central America


South and Central America

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