Class Mammalia Order Primates Family Lepilemuridae

Thumbnail description

Often raises its hands when threatened by a transgressor, like a boxer who is in defense against an opponent's attack; nocturnal, arboreal, and medium-sized for lemurs; and possess long tails and binocular vision and they are distinguished amongst themselves in large part due to each species' unique chromosomes that were scientifically identified through cytogenetic (chromosome) studies


Head and body length: 9.8-13.8 in (25.0-35.0 cm); tail length: 9.8-12.0 in (25.0-30.5 cm); weight 1.1-2.2 lb (0.5-1.0 kg)

Number of genera, species

Extinct: 1 genus, 3 species; Extant: 1 genus; 7 species


Dry deciduous and tropical rainforests

Conservation status

Vulnerable: 2 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 5 species


Restricted to the island of Madagascar


Restricted to the island of Madagascar

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