The feeding habits of walruses restrict the habitats they use to relatively shallow water of less than 328 ft (100 m) for foraging. During the breeding season, female walruses are found on ice floes, where they give birth to their calves. Females and calves usually remain associated with floe ice, but will haul out on land when the ice is unsuitable to support their large mass or too thick (more than 8 in; 20 cm) to break through. When females are receptive, males will be found in the water off ice floes containing females and will spend long periods of time without hauling out. Outside the mating pe riod, males have traditional haul out sites on islands with sand, cobble or boulder beaches. Round Island in Bristol Bay, Alaska is one such site where thousands of males can be seen huddled side by side, forming a churning mass of walruses. In a few places, such as Coats Island, Northwest Territories, mixed herds of males, females, and calves can be found on land in the summer.

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