Conservation status

All seven species are listed in CITES Appendix I; the U.S. Endangered Species Act classifies all seven species as endangered; the IUCN classifies two species as Vulnerable and five as Lower Risk/Near Threatened; and the U.S. Department of the Interior lists all species as endangered.

All of these animals are threatened by loss of forest habitat by the continuing use of what is called "slash-and-burn" agriculture, which encourages the burning of forests for the clearing of settlements and for the use in farming. As a result, the growth of pastures and the overgrazing by cattle and goats continue to place increasing pressures on the habitat of all sportive lemurs in various degrees. Most, if not all, species are also hunted for food.

A Milne-Edwards's sportive lemur (Lepilemur edwardsi) with baby. (Photo by Harald Schütz. Reproduced by permission.)

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