Class Mammalia Order Primates Family Galagidae

Thumbnail description

Relatively small mammals with a long, often bushy tail; fur coloration varies from gray to black dorsally and from white to orange-buff ventrally; eyes large and oriented obliquely forwards; ears membranous and moderate to large; hindlimbs markedly longer than forelimbs; all digits of the hand and foot bear nails


Relatively small body size, ranging from Demidoff's bushbaby (head and body length: 5 in [13 cm]; tail length: 7 in [18 cm]); body mass: males 2.5 oz [65 g]; females 2 oz [55 g]) to the Brown greater bushbaby (head and body length: 12.5 in [31.5 cm]; tail length: 16.5 in [41 cm]; body mass: males 2 1b 10 oz [1,190 g]; females 2 1b 7 oz [1,110 g])

Number of genera, species

4 genera; 20 species


Inhabit a wide spectrum of forest and woodland types, from dry, thorny scrub to evergreen tropical rainforest

Conservation status

Endangered: 1 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 6 species; Data Deficient: 2 species


Widespread occurrence throughout Africa


Widespread occurrence throughout Africa

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