Class Mammalia Order Diprotodontia Family Tarsipedidae

Thumbnail description

Very small mouselike possum with long, tapering snout and very long, partially prehensile tail; eyes large and round, ears large, rounded, and sparsely haired; fingers and toes are long with rounded tips and small nails; fur is grayish brown with three dark dorsal stripes


Head and body length 1.6-3.7 in (4-9.5 cm); tail length 1.8-4.3 in (4.5-11 cm); weight 0.2-0.6 oz (7-16 g)

Number of genera, species

1 genus, 1 species


Arboreal in flowering trees and shrubs, mainly in heathland

Conservation status

Not listed as threatened, but may be at risk from habitat loss


Southwestern Australia


Southwestern Australia

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