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John H. Seebeck, BSc, MSc, FAMS

Class Mammalia Order Peramelemorphia Family Peramelidae Subfamily Thylacomyinae

Thumbnail description

Rabbit-sized with extremely large ears, long, thin snout, silky bluish gray fur, powerful front feet with large claws.



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Head and body 9-10.2 in (23-26 cm); tail 7.8-11.4 in (20-29 cm). Weight 28-88 oz (800-2,500 g).

Number of genera, species

1 genus; 2 species (one extinct)

\ * \ )

Arid areas of grassland and shrubs with sparse ground cover.

Extinct: 1 species; Vulnerable; 1 species

V *


Western Australia, Northern Territory, southwestern Queensland

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