Moles shrew moles and desmans


Class Mammalia Order Insectivora Family Talpidae

Thumbnail description

Small, often long- and narrow-snouted mammals, many with large forelegs, and small or hidden eyes suited to a fossorial lifestyle


Average adult total lengths (including tail) range from about 2.4-17.0 in (6-43 cm), with tail lengths of 0.6-8.3 in (1.5-21.5 cm) and weights of about 0.4-7.8 oz (12-220 g)

Number of genera, species

17 genera; 42 species


Depending on the species, they may prefer fossorial, terrestrial, or aquatic habitats

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 2 species; Endangered: 5 species; Vulnerable: 4 species

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