Diadem roundleaf bat

Hipposideros diadema TAXONOMY

Hipposideros diadema (Geoffroy, 1813), Indonesia.

OTHER COMMON NAMES English: Large Malayan leaf-nosed bat.


Medium-sized bat. Weight 1.1-1.7 oz (34-50 g). The fur is dark brown to black and a white spot occurs at the juncture of the forearm and shoulder. The ears are large and the nose leaf is fairly simple, with an anterior horseshoe portion and a posterior, uninterrupted, ridge-like leaflet.


Found throughout Southeast Asia from Myanmar and Vietnam through Thailand, western Malaysia, and Indonesia to New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Nicobar islands, and northeast and north-central Australia.


Occur primarily in moist, tropical forests. BEHAVIOR

Little is known of behavior in this species. They are gregarious, roosting in groups in caves.


No detailed study of diet has been conducted. Insectivorous, likely to hunt from perches, capturing prey when it is detected by using echolocation.

I Hipposideros diadema I Rhinonicteris aurantia


Females congregate in March and April, giving birth to a single young during that time. Young probably are weaned and become able to fly between two and three months of age. Nothing is known of their mating behavior; but they are most likely polygynous.


Not threatened. They are widespread and common throughout their range.

SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS Consume insect pests. ♦

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