1. What are the main three properties of MRF?

2. Using traditional EM algorithm, estimate the mean, the variance, and the proportional for the two classes shown in Fig. 9.25? (Hint: Before applying EM algorithm, normalize f (y) such thatJ2/or all y f (V) = 1, and assume each class comes from normal distribution).

3. What are the main advantages of using the genetic algorithm as optimization tool?

4. When it is useful to use GMRF in image segmentation, and when is it not useful?

5. What is the advantages of using GMRF in image segmentation?

6. Derive the CFL restriction to find the optimal time step in 3D case.

7. Suggest an algorithm to mark the narrow band points in both 2D and 3D. Compare it with the use of the Dirac delta function.

8. Level sets are used to extract anatomical structures from 2D and 3D data. What are the advantages of using level sets in 3D?

9. Using the front as the zero level embedded in the surface has many advantages over using scattered points representing the front. What are these advantages?

If we have the front as a surface embedded in a 4D function, can we slice the front as curves in 2D to make the implementation easier? Why?

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