Examples of the Standard Geometric Snake

The standard geometric snake has been applied successfully in many application areas, not least in the medical imaging arena. Figure 10.5(left) shows an example of a geometric snake initialized in the stomach region of an abdominal section in a CT image. The final snake is shown in Fig. 10.5(right). In the next example an extension of the geometric snake for color images is shown in Fig. 10.6, a thigh slice from the Visible Human project. The figure on the left shows the initial snake as before and the final converged snakes are shown on the right, demonstrating the topological adaptation of the snake's level set implementation. Note that the top snake has failed to fully converge. Hence, while adequate for many situations, geometric snakes can suffer from certain shortcomings and the next section briefly deals with the nature of some such failings.

Figure 10.5: Example of geometric snake segmenting an inner boundary: recovery of the stomach region of an abdominal CT section—from [5], (§2003 IEEE.
Figure 10.6: Example of a color image. (Left) original image with initial snake and (right) converged geometric snake (with a minor convergence problem in the top right corner of the snake)—from [6] (color slide).

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