Ulceroinflammatory and Neoplastic Conditions

• measurements:

- lengths and maximum diameter (cm) of the parts present - terminal ileum, appendix, colon, rectum, anus.

- lengths (cm) of ischaemic, inflamed or strictured segments.

- maximum dimensions (cm) of any perforation(s), ulcer(s), polyp(s) or tumour(s).

- distances (cm) of the abnormality from the proximal and distal resection limits.

- distances (cm) of the polyp/tumour/ulcer from the anorectal dentate line and relationship to the peritoneal reflection (above/straddling/below) and colorectal circumference (anterior/posterior/right or left lateral).

- distances (cm) of tumour from the serosa and nearest aspect of the mesocolic/mesorectal CRM.

• note the completeness of mesorectal excision, its capsular integrity or any deficiencies present.

• paint any aspect of the serosa or mesocolic/mesorectal margin adjacent to or overlying tumour or perforation.

• gently pin out and fix for 48 hours.

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