Splenectomy Specimens

Usually of three types:

• traumatically ruptured.

• diseased spleen.

The specimen is received fresh in the laboratory and fixed according to established protocols.

• measurements:

- number/maximum dimensions (cm) of any capsular deficits, infarcts, cysts or tumour nodules.

• weight (g) must be taken before slicing, as blood loss from the cut surface reduces the splenic weight considerably.

• photograph if required.

• look for splenic lymph nodes and dissect them off the hilum.

• fixation: make parallel, thin slices 5 mm thick with a sharp knife. Examine each slice for focal lesions. Do not wash in tap water. Submit a 1 x 1 cm section for culture if infectious disease is suspected. Make imprints for immediate assessment.

• fix each slice flat in a container of 10% buffered formalin. For suspected sickle cell disease fix in formalin immediately after slicing.

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