Resection Specimens

The goal of treatment in invasive penile carcinoma is complete excision with adequate margins. For lesions involving the prepuce, this may be accomplished with simple circumcision. For infiltrating tumours of the glans, with or without involvement of the adjacent skin, the choice of therapy is dictated by tumour size, extent of infiltration, and degree of tumour destruction of normal tissue. The options include penile amputation (partial or total penectomy) and irradiation. Stage I and II penile cancer is most frequently managed by penile amputation for local control. Whether the amputation is partial, total, or radical will depend on the extent and location of the neoplasm. Radiation therapy with surgical salvage is an alternative approach. There is no standard treatment which is curative for stage IV penile cancer. Therapy is directed at palliation, which may be achieved either with surgery or radiation therapy.

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