• orientate the specimen. The deep aspect is usually the most critical margin. The surgeon should give some indications on the request form as to laterality and anterior-posterior orientation but it can still be difficult particularly with specimens from lip or buccal mucosa. The colour and texture of the mucosa from the hard palate may help orientate palatal resections.

• ink sparingly and allow to dry fully.

• measurements:

- dimensions of mucosa and depth of specimen (cm).

- dimensions of tumour (cm).

- distance to closest mucosal and deep margins (cm).


• tumour mucosa other location.

consistency of tumour (solid/cystic; gelatinous, fleshy, firm).

interface with adjacent parenchyma (encapsulated, circumscribed or infiltrative margin).

intact or ulcerated?

appearances of adjacent minor glands and neurovascular bundles.

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