Neoplastic Conditions

Adenomatoid tumour: most common tumour of the epididymis (age 20-39) and often painful. It is similar to the tumour in spermatic cord, fallopian tube and uterus. It has a mesothelial origin and may be a peculiar form of nodular mesothelial hyperplasia instead of a neoplasm. It is benign, even if it extends into testis. Grossly, a circumscribed white mass up to 5 cm. Histology shows cuboidal cells forming cords and channels with dilated lumina simulating vessels (cytokeratin positive). Resection is curative.

Papillary cystadenoma: familial, unilateral or bilateral (40%) with a mean age of 36 years. Associated with von Hippel-Lindau disease.

Carcinoma of epididymis: rare, with a poor prognosis. It usually presents as a scrotal mass, is large and often haemorrhagic or necrotic.

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