Histopathology report

• the specific features that should be included in pathology reports of cervical, rectal cancers and soft tissue tumours are detailed in other relevant chapters. The purpose of pelvic exenteration is one of complete local excision and in view of this the status of longitudinal and circumferential resection margins and peritoneum in relation to the tumour must be documented.

Sarcomas and tumour recurrence in soft tissues

• the dissection and precise blocking protocol must be adapted to suit the individual specimen.

• in general terms, blocks should be taken from tumour (one per centimetre), tumour and involved pelvic structures, tumour and resection margins and representative blocks of unin-volved structures.

• tumour stage; use the TNM system for soft tissue sarcomas where pelvis is a specific topographical site and pelvic tumours are classified as deep tumours.

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