Histopathology report

Final reports of tonsillectomy specimens should include details on:

• the type of tumour present:

- squamous cell carcinoma NOS.

- SCC variants include basaloid, adenosquamous, spindle cell, verrucous adenocarcinoma (salivary gland types).

- neuroendocrine carcinomas.

- lymphoma.

• the grade of tumour assessed at the invasive front:

- cohesive or non-cohesive patterns (more metastasis with non-cohesive).

• the extent of local spread.

• the distance of tumour from the nearest mucosal margin.

• the distance of the tumour from the nearest deep margin.

• the presence of intravascular and perineural spread.

If other specimens are attached as an in-continuity dissection (e.g., oropharyngeal or lingual mucosa, neck dissection, etc.), these can be cut separately in the usual fashion.

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