Hemimandibulectomy and Maxillectomy Specimens Procedure

• radiograph the specimen.

• ink only the critical external periosteal limit and associated soft tissue limits around the tumour, usually posteriorly and superiorly.

• measurements:

- anteroposterior length (cm) along lower border (hemimandibulectomy) or along alveolar process to tuberosity (maxillectomy).

- maximum bone height (cm) of ramus (hemimandibulectomy) or of nasal aspect (maxillectomy).

- associated soft tissue elements (e.g., oral mucosa, pterygoid muscles, orbital contents).

- tumour maximum dimensions (cm).

- distance to closest mucosal and deep soft tissue limits (cm).

- distance to nearest anterior or posterior bone limit (cm).

• sample the mucosal and deep surgical margins as "radial" sections before sawing the bone and submit separately (reduces contamination of the margins). Cut with a sharp blade firmly down to bone and use a flat blunt instrument to dissect mucoperiosteum free from the bone in the way one might peel an orange (Figure 13.3).

• sample soft tissue elements of mucosal tumour prior to sawing the bone unless the tumour is very small (see next section)

• saw the bone into 0.5 cm slices in buccolingual plane (vertical plane passing between crowns of adjacent teeth).

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