adeno adenocarcinoma

AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome

B9 benign

Bx biopsy

Ca carcinoma

CIS carcinoma in situ

C/O complaining of coronal at right angles to the sagittal plane dividing into anterior and posterior halves

CT scan computerised tomography scan

CXR chest X-ray

CXT chemotherapy

A (differential) diagnosis

DXT radiotherapy

FNAB fine needle aspiration biopsy

FNA(C) fine needle aspiration (cytology)

FUP follow up

HIV human immunodeficiency virus

H/O history of

HPE histopathology examination

Ix investigation

MAI mycobacterium avium intracellulare

MRI magnetic resonance imaging

NAD nothing abnormal detected

NCB needle core biopsy

NG neoplasm, new growth

O/E on examination

P/C presenting complaint

PET positron emission tomography

P(M)H past (medical) history

1° primary neoplasm

PUO pyrexia (fever) of unknown origin

? query

R/O rule out

Rx resection sagittal anteroposterior plane

SCF supraclavicular fossa

2° secondary neoplasm therefore

Tx treatment

U and E urea and electrolytes

USS ultrasound scan x/7 x days x/52 x weeks x/12 x months yr year

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