- site: duodenal mucosa or papilla/ampulla/pancreas (duct/parenchyma)/bile duct.

- size: length x width x depth (cm) or maximum dimension (cm).

- appearance: polypoid/diffuse/ulcerated - ampullary/bile duct tumours.

- cystic/papillary/mucoid/scirrhous/thickening - pancreatic exocrine tumours.

- circumscribed/pale/homogeneous - pancreatic endocrine tumours.

- edge: circumscribed/irregular.

• pancreatic and bile ducts: dilatation/stenosis/extrinsic or intraduct tumour/stent.

• pancreas: indurated/oedematous/fat necrosis.

• peripancreatic lymph nodes: location/number/size.

• other organs: involvement of duodenum or stomach, etc.

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