• tumour/ulcer site

- distal oesophagus/cardia/fundus/corpus/antrum/pylorus/lesser curve/greater curve/ ant-erior/posterior/multifocal/extension to duodenum or oesophagus.

- polypoid/ulcerated/scirrhous/mucoid/irregular margins: usual carcinoma.

- thickened, non-expansile wall/intact granular mucosa: diffuse gastric carcinoma.

- plaque/granular mucosa/depressed/multifocal: EGC.

- plaque/thickened folds/ulcerated/fleshy/multifocal: malignant lymphoma.

- nodular/ulcerated/yellow: carcinoid tumour.

- polypoid/mural/dumb-bell shaped/apple-core ulceration:GIST.

- mucosal edges: flat/punched out/elevated.

- base: blood vessels/perforation/penetration (e.g., pancreas or fistula present).

• mucosa: oedematous/atrophic/granular/thickened.

- tumour: confined to mucous membrane, in the wall or through the wall.

- ulcer: perforation/penetration.

• serosa: involved by tumour/coated in exudate.

• omenta: involved by tumour: circumscribed/irregular margin.

- maximum deposit size (cm).

- distance of tumour from the omental edge (mm).

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