Clinical Presentation

Abdominal wall lesions present with a lump that may be associated with discomfort or discharge.

A hernia occurs when part or all of a viscus protrudes through the confines of the body cavity in which it is normally situated. It presents with a dull "dragging" sensation or palpable lump usually evident on coughing. Severe constant pain is a sign of impending strangulation and ischaemia of any omentum or small bowel contents which may also become obstructed.

Umbilical disease can present with a lump, discharge or inflammation (omphalitis) and infection leading to pain and abscess formation. Caput medussa results from dilatation of periumbilical veins secondary to increased portal venous pressure usually due to liver cirrhosis.

Omental disease is usually due to inflammation or malignancy in adjacent organs but primary disease can also lead to adhesions and small bowel obstruction; torsion produces nausea and vomiting, and tumour an abdominal mass.

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