Blocks for Histology

The histology should represent the deepest extent of the tumour, the relationship to the surface, mucosal and deep soft tissue margins and changes in adjacent oral mucosa (Figures 13.3 and 13.4).

Figure 13.4. Right hemiglossectomy specimen. Suggested siting of blocks for hemiglossectomy specimen. (a) Lateral view. (b) View of transverse slice.

• at least one block of tumour per centimetre of maximum dimension.

• mucosal surgical margins, particularly the floor of the mouth, retromolar region and soft palate where the incidence of dysplasia is highest.

• deep surgical margins, particularly posterior and inferomedial margins.

• proximal lingual nerve, if present.

• adjacent uninvolved mucosa and associated tissue, e.g., sublingual gland.

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