Blocks for Histology Figure

• resection margins (see above).

• serial 3-4 mm cuts parallel to the plane of hemisection provide suitable slices for subdividing and harvesting of blocks.

• sample the tumour (a minimum of six blocks) in relation to the ampulla, pancreas, duct structures, duodenum, and peripancreatic tissues including the painted and labelled anatomical/surgical margins.

• sample uninvolved pancreas, stomach and duodenum.

• count and sample all lymph nodes.

• if other organs are present (total or regional pancreatectomy - pancreaticoduodenectomy, gastrectomy, splenectomy, portal vein, transverse colectomy, mesocolon, omentum and regional nodes): describe, weigh, measure, paint and block according to the macroscopic degree of tumour spread. Label the blocks as to their site of origin.

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