Blocks for histology Figure 332

• shave section from shaft margin (including skin, erectile bodies and urethra).

• samples of foreskin to include associated conditions.

• sample four sections of tumour to demonstrate depth of invasion, relationships to the adjacent surface epithelium, corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum and urethra.

• sample two to three transverse sections through the shaft at different levels.

Blocks of foreskin, Blocks of shaft skin,

Blocks of foreskin, Blocks of shaft skin,

proximal resection margin of the shaft

1. Paint and transverse block the shaft proximal resection margin

2. Multiple serial longitudinal blocks to represent tumour in relation to foreskin, sulcus, glans, corpora and urethra

Figure 33.2.

Blocking a penectomy specimen.

• sample longitudinal sections through the glans to include the urethra.

• in larger specimens it is important to submit two to three additional sections of the more distal urethral cylinder to ensure adequacy of the resection margin.

• count and sample all lymph nodes accompanying the specimen.

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