Unusual Organisms

Pulmonary cryptococcosis and nocardiosis have been reported in nonimmuno-compromised older patients (Laszlo et al., 2001; Nadrous et al., 2003). Chronic necro-tizing pulmonary aspergillosis and actinomycosis must be considered in older patients with slowly evolving pulmonary infiltrates, malnutrition, weight loss, immuno-suppressive therapy, and preexisting chronic pulmonary disorders. Atypical mycobacteria (mainly Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex) may cause a slowly evolving destructive pulmonary infection, occurring more frequently in nonsmoking women (80%), who present with a chronic cough (86%), fatigue (42%), prolonged fever (10-14%), progressive weight loss leading to cachexia (14-52%), and nonspecific pulmonary infiltrates (Prince et al., 1989; Kennedy et al., 1994). Over the past years, several reports have drawn attention to the possibility of opportunistic infections (i.e., P. Carinii pneumonia, unusual presentations of tuberculosis), revealing unsuspected HIV infection in older patients (McMeeking et al., 1989; Rosenzweig et al., 1992; Chen et al., 1998; Cloud et al., 2003; Laszlo et al., 2003).

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Blood Pressure Health

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