Treatment Goals

Like younger patients with depression, older patients should be treated to remission (the virtual elimination of symptoms) rather than simply response (reduction in symptoms). Remission maximizes the impact of treatment on quality of life domains (Doraiswamy et al., 2001). In 100 older patients with recurrent MDD, those who achieved remission with antidepressant treatment showed significantly greater improvement than either partial responders or nonresponders on both emotional and physical quality of life measures.

When treating older patients, a strong doctor-patient relationship is essential, and interventions should include environmental, social, recreational, supportive, and spiritual programs, as well as psychoeducational programs that include the patient's family. Antidepressant medications at appropriate dosages and durations are the mainstay of therapy as in younger patients, and ECT is recommended for severe cases.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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