The Role Of Gender

Importantly, data from sex-stratified preclinical studies indicate that stroke sensitivity, which means the damage resulting when an ischemic insult occurs, is sexually dimorphic in adults, with less damage tissue in females versus males. It is less clear if ischemic injury in the developing brain is different in males and females. However, provocative new evidence from cells cultured directly from fetal or newborn brain suggests that mechanisms of cell death are not identical in cells that are genetically male (XY) or female (XX). After cytotoxic challenge, programmed cell death proceeded predominately via an apoptosis-inducing factor-dependent pathway in XY neurons versus a cytochrome c-dependent pathway in XX neurons (Du et al., 2004). Recently, deletion of Bax was shown to eliminate sex differences in the mouse forebrain (Forger et al., 2004).

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