Useful Web-based resources for investigators engaged in research involving elderly persons

1. The World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki:

2. Belmont Report:

3. Common Rule:

4. American Geriatrics Society ''The Responsible Conduct of Research'': positionpapers/respcondresearch.shtml

5. American College of Physicians Ethics Manual, 5th edition:

6. American Psychiatric Association ''Guidelines for Assessing Decision-Making Capacities of Potential Research Subjects with Cognitive Impairment'':

7. National Bioethics Advisory Commission Report ''Research Involving Persons with Mental Disorders That May Affect Decision-Making Capacity'':

8. American Geriatrics Society ''Informed Consent for Research on Human Subjects with Dementia'': http://

9. American Society of Human Genetics ''Statement on Informed Consent for Genetic Research'': genetics/ashg/pubs/policy/pol-25.htm

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