Table 431

Representative studies and methods used to determine GnRH expression in the aging rat hypothalamus


OVX duration before steroid treatment

Steroid hormone treatment

Effect on GnRH gene or protein expression


Gene expression in situ hybridization

RNase protection assay RNase protection assay

Protein levels


IHC: co-expression of GnRH and c-fos

IHC: co-expression of GnRH and c-fos

IHC: co-expression of GnRH and c-fos

Peptide release

Push-pull perfusion

3 wks

4 wks


3-4 wks Intact

3 wks

EB 4 ug/100 g s.c.) P 0.B mg/100 g 2d later l7ß-E2 (10% capsule) for 2d or 2 wks





Temporal fluctuation in GnRH mRNA during proestrus surge in Y, not MA; overall decline in GnRH mRNA in OVLT-POA of MA

No significant effects of age or estrogen replacement

* GnRH mRNA from Y to MA to A; fluctuation in GnRH during proestrus surge in Y, but not MA

Aged rats show decreases compared to Y rats in GnRH cell numbers in Septum-DBB, OVLT, POA, SON, Rch with more extreme declines in rostral regions

Decline in c-fos and c-jun co-expression with GnRH in hypothalamus of regularly cycling MA vs. Y during proestrus surge

Higher proportion of GnRH co-expression of c-fos in Y vs. MA

Age-related, region-specific differences of co-expression during varying time intervals on proestrus

Mean GnRH levels and pulse amplitudes are lower in MA than Y animals

Rubin et al., 1997

Funabashi et al., 1995

Lloyd et al., 1994

Rubin et al., 1994 Rubin et al., 1994

Rubin et al., 1989

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