Table 294

References for the study of Avian Telomere Biology

Telomere cytogenetics Nanda and Schmid, 1994 Nanda et al., 2002 Delany et al., 2000

Replicative senescence in chicken cell culture Lima et al., 1972 Lima and Macieira-Coelho, 1972 Measuring telomeres Harley et al., 1990 Nakagawa et al., 2004 Telomere shortening in birds Talyor and Delany, 2000 Delany et al., 2003 Swanberg and Delany, 2003

Telomeres as tool for age determination Vleck et al., 2003 Haussmann et al., 2003 Hall et al., 2004

TRAP assay Kim et al., 1994 Saldanha et al., 2003

Telomerase in birds Talyor and Delany, 2000 Delany et al., 2000 Swanberg and Delany, 2003 Venkatesan and Price, 1998 Haussman et al., 2004

Gene expression patterns: telomere maintenance pathways

Swanberg et al., 2004

Swanberg and Delany, 2005

(Continued )

TABLE 29.4 Continued

Quantitative PCR

Bustin, 2004

Gain- and loss-of-function techniques in chick embryo

Krull, 2004 (electroporation)

Bourikas and Stoeckli, 2003 (RNAi)

Pekarik et al., 2003 (RNAi)

Kos et al., 2003 (morpholinos)

Chicken genome sequence and genomic resources ICGSC, 2004 Antin and Konieczka, 2005 Dequeant and Pourquie, 2005

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