Even though a consensus has not been achieved on a specific definition for frailty, a number of subtypes of frailty have been proposed (see Table 50.4). Darwin wrote, ''Those who make many species are the 'splitters,'

and those who make few are the 'lumpers''' (Gallagher, 2002). At this stage in its uncertain evolution, I would confess membership in the ''lumpers'' club and have reservations about ''splitting'' frailty into a number of ''species'' before we reach consensus on the defining features of frailty.

TABLE 50.3 Consequences of frailty

Clinical problems and presentations Delirium Falls

Other atypical presentations for acute illnesses Mortality

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and leisure activities Basic ADL Instrumental ADL Advanced ADL Recreational/leisure activities Health care utilization Institutionalization Medication use Hospitalization Community-based services Physician visits Access to care Insurance coverage Use of medical devices

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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