Silenced Loci And Methods For Monitoring Silencing

Yeast have 3 types of silenced loci: silent mating type cassettes, telomeres and the rDNA array (Figure 17.2). Silencing at these loci is usually monitored by examining the expression of reporter genes inserted into these loci. Strains with reporters at one of each of these silenced loci have been constructed so the effect of silencing can be monitored at each locus (e.g., Ray et al., 2003) (Figure 17.4).

To be useful, the reporter constructs must be able to show both increases and decreases in silencing. Since silencing at some telomeres and in the rDNA locus occurs in only 1-10% of the cells, both increases and decreases in silencing can be readily detected. This property is not shared by the silent mating type cassettes HMRa and

Telomeres reporter 1 TGĀ«

Silent Mating Type Cassettes

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