Senescence And Frailty

Are frailty and aging (or more accurately senescence) the same? Senescence refers to the time-dependent changes seen in living organisms that have cumulative and deleterious effects (Yates, 1996). A senescent organism lacks resiliency, and, as will be seen later in this review, increased vulnerability is a hallmark of frailty. I feel that at some very advanced, but currently unspecified age, a degree of frailty will become universal. Others argue that frailty is not inevitable with aging but is due to a distinct biological pathway (Kolata, 2002). I would agree that few if any frail individuals currently develop the state solely because of senescence. Other factors (e.g., behaviors, life-styles, diseases) typically play a role. Even though very advanced age is arguably a sufficient cause of frailty, it isn't a necessary one.

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