Recommended Resources

The following is a list of books and webpages that may be of use to researchers working with bats. Most of the books provide a survey of bat research and can direct a person in their exploration of the literature.


The Biology of Bats, Vols. 1-3. 1970. W.A. Wimsatt, ed. Academic Press, New York. Ecology of Bats. 1982. T.H. Kunz, ed. Plenum Press, New York, 425 pp.150.

Communication in the Chiroptera. 1985. M.B. Fenton. Indiana

University Press, Bloomington, Indiana. Recent Advances in the Study of Bats. 1987. M.B. Fenton, P.A. Racey, and J.M.V. Rayner, eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

The Natural History of Hibernating Bats. 1990. R. Ransome. Christopher Helm, London.

Walker's Bats of the World. 1994. R.M. Nowak. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.

Bat Biology and Conservation. 1998. T.H. Kunz and P.A. Racey, eds. Smithsonian Instititution Press, Washington, DC.

The Biology of Bats. 2000. G. Neuweiler (Ellen Covey, translator). Oxford University Press, New York.

Bat Ecology. 2003. T.H. Kunz and M.B. Fenton, eds. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

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