Recommended Resources

Harding, R., Pinkerton, K.E., and Plopper, C.G., Eds. The lung: Development, aging and the environment. London: Elsevier.

This text is an excellent resource for information gleaned from both animal models and human investigations that describes lung organogenesis, maturation, homeostasis, and age-associated decline.

Mauderly, J.L. (2000). Animal models for the effect of age on susceptibility to inhaled particulate matter. Inhalation Toxicology 12, 863-900.

This is a comprehensive review of mucociliary clearance mechanisms and the effects of age on clearance of particulate matter in various animal models and in humans.

Chan, E.D. and Welsh, C.H. (1998). Geriatric respiratory medicine. Chest 114, 1704-1733.

This is a comprehensive review of age-associated changes in structure and function of the human lung and lung disorders that commonly are found in the elderly.

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