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Look for recent books on vision disorders in old age at

• The aging eye, by Sandra Gordon, Harvard Medical School (2001).

• Communication technologies for the elderly: vision, hearing & speech, by Rosemary Lubinski and D. Jeffery Higginbotham (1997).

• The effects of aging and environment on vision, by Donald A. Armstrong, et al. (1991).

• Treating vision problems in the older adult (Mosby's optometric problem-Solving Series), by Gerald G. Melore (2001).

• Vision and aging, by Alfred A. Rosenbloom and Meredith W. Morgan (1993).

• Age-related macular degeneration, by Jennifer I. Lim (2002).

• The impact of vision loss in the elderly (Garland studies on the Elderly in America), by Julia J. Kleinschmidt (1995).

• Vision in Alzheimer's disease (Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology), by Alice Croningolomb et al. (2004).

• The senescence of human vision (Oxford medical publications), by R.A. Weale (2001).

• Issues in aging and vision: A curriculum for university programs and in-service training, by Alberta L. Orr (1998).

• Aging with developmental disabilities changes in vision, by Marshall E. Flax (1996).

• Trends in vision and hearing among older Americans, by U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services (2000).

• Optometric gerontology: A resource manual, by Sherrell J. Aston (2003).

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