Quantitative Analysis Of Images

For a detailed evaluation of the effects of aging on retinal morphology a QAI was performed on slides and on microphotographs using a Quantimet Analyzer (Leica®) equipped with specific software. This software made it possible to determine (see Table 67.1):

• The thickness of the retina

• The number of ganglion cells/mm2 of retina

• The number of capillaries/mm2 of retina

• The number of synaptic bodies/area

• The number of cellular processes/observed area

• The number of intercellular connections in the matrix between the photoreceptors

Final values must be submitted to statistical analysis of data. The values reported in this chapter represent the "values" of staining for each age group and are expressed in conventional units (C.U.) ± S.E.M. C.U. are arbitrary units furnished and printed directly by the Quantimet system (Leica, 1997).

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