Quantification Of Cerebral Infarction

The size of the brain infarct in focal cerebral ischemia increases in size during the period of reperfusion (see Figure 79.3).

This has been shown in animal models of stroke and in human stroke patients. The infarct volume is normally analyzed after 24 hours in transient focal ischemia models and after six hours in permanent focal ischemia models. The brain is removed, and coronal sections are cut (2 mm-thick slices in rats or 1-2 mm thick slices in mice) through the entire rostro-caudal extent of the cerebral cortex. The slices are immersed in a 2% solution of 2,3,5-triphenylte-trazolium chloride (TTC). An edema index is calculated by dividing the total volume of the hemisphere ipsilateral to the MCA occlusion by the total volume of the contralateral hemisphere. An infarction index, the actual infarcted lesion size adjusted for edema, is then calculated for each animal.

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