The combination of both antidepressant and psychotherapy has been shown more effective than either therapy alone, in both acute and maintenance treatment (Lenze et al., 2002; Miller et al., 2001; Reynolds et al., 1999; Thompson et al., 2001). In an evaluation of the combination of desipramine and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), compared with either therapy alone, the combination was more effective than the TCA but similar to the CBT alone (Thompson et al., 2001). Maintenance therapy with interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) alone or in combination with an antidepressant has been shown to protect against recurrence of MDD in elderly patients, with the combination tending to be more effective than IPT or pharmacotherapy alone (Miller et al., 2001; Reynolds et al., 1999). The combination of psychotherapy and medication also has been shown to maintain social adjustment better than either treatment alone and to improve both the duration and quality of wellness (Lenze et al., 2002).

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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