Proposed Model

Figure 50.1 presents a descriptive model based on a life course approach for the development of frailty.

Genotype and prenatal environment will determine the birth phenotype. The specific nature of the prenatal environmental could lead to development plasticity, predictive adaptive responses, and developmental disruption (Gluckman et al., 2004). When there is a mismatch between the prenatal and the predicted postnatal environment (e.g., predicted postnatal food restriction versus abundant postnatal food availability), the risk of problems down the road might be increased. After maturity is reached, aging, the physical and social environment, coping strategies, affect, lifestyle/behavioral choices, and the presence of disease(s) can contribute to the onset of frailty in the aged individual. In this model disability and healthcare utilization would be a consequence of frailty and modified by the relative assets and deficits of the individual. Although more complex, I think a life course approach will be required to comprehensively understand this entity.


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