Aging research crosses all areas of physiology and also relies upon biological, mathematical, and chemical tools for its study. Accordingly, putting together a volume that aims to cover all models of human aging was a daunting task. The effort was made to cast a large net, but invariably some areas have been overlooked and not every viewpoint has been included. Despite its shortcomings, we hope the Handbook will serve as a useful broad-based overview for anyone involved in research on aging and age-related disease.

The editor thanks the authors, selected for their expertise and prominence in the field, for timely submission of well-circumscribed overviews, as well as their inclusion of previously unpublished "insider tips'' from their respective disciplines.

I also appreciate the efforts of colleagues at Elsevier for embracing the significance of the project. Finally, I wish to thank Jo Ann Binkerd for assisting in the record keeping associated with this volume.

P. Michael Conn

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