Physiological Variables

Blood pressure, rectal temperature, and blood gases are measured during the operation in rats and mice. Normally there are no significant differences in these variables monitored at pre-, intra-, and postischemic periods in most studies. However, measuring these parameters is important for interpretation of outcomes among animals, as well as for evaluation of adhering leukocytes using intravital video microscopy. An estimate of shear rate in cerebral venules is obtained by fluorescence microscopy based on image analysis determinations of the maximal velocity of fluorescently labeled red blood cells or platelets within the venules under study. Such estimates of pseudo-shear rate in venules are obtained using measurements of venular diameter (Dv) and the maximal velocity of flowing platelets (Vplt) according to the formula: pseudo-shear rate = (Vplt/1.6)/Dv x 8.

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Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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