V00568 8q24

X68073 2

Caldwell et al., 2005

Ellis et al., 1995

Caldwell et al., 2005

Watt et al., 1983 Harris et al., 1992

(Taylor and Delany, 2000; Forsyth et al., 2002; Swanberg and Delany 2003; Delany et al., 2003).

Unlike mouse fibroblasts, both chicken and human primary fibroblast cells are generally refractory to spontaneous immortalization (Lima and Macieira-Coelho, 1972; Lima et al., 1972; Macieira-Coelho and Azzarone, 1988; Prowse and Greider, 1995). In addition, critically short human telomeres induce senescence either by activating p53 or by inducing the p16/RB pathway, and suppression of both pathways is required to suppress senescence of aged human cells. In mouse, the p16/RB response to telomere dysfunction is not active (Smogorzewska and de Lange, 2002). In contrast, the senescence pathways of chicken and human fibroblast systems thus far seem to share more similarities than differences (Kim et al., 2002); see Table 29.2. For an

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