Neonatal Models Of Hypoxia

In these models, 10 to 24 hours after birth, rat pups were placed in a thermostated Plexiglas chamber flushed with

Handbook of Models for Human Aging

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100% nitrogen for 20 min (see Table 42.1). The temperature inside the chamber was adjusted to 36°C, to maintain body temperature within the physiologic range. Under these conditions, the final rates of mortality were less than 10%. After exposure to gas, rats were allowed to recover for 20 min in normoxic conditions, and then returned to their mothers (Grojean et al., 2003). Similar procedure could be performed with 7-day-old rats, but the N2 duration was only of 8 min (Grojean et al., 2003). A very small number of laboratories used the piglet as an animal model for hypoxia. Newborn piglets aged 2 to 5 days were ventilated with an FiO2 of 5 to 7% for one hour (Ravishankar et al., 2001). In these models, apototic and/or necrotic features were shown depending on the age of the animal (Daval and Vert, 2004; Delivoria-Papadopoulos and Mishra, 2004).

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